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What Is the Cost of Spray Foam Insulation in Ireland?

How much does spray foam insulation cost in Ireland?

The cost of spray foam insulation in Ireland will depend on a number of factors:

  1.  Where are you looking to insulate?

    The type of building and the area of the building you are going to insulate will determine the type of foam you will need to use. If it is a shed or container for example you need closed cell spray foam or if you are insulating a residential property you need to use open cell spray foam and the costs will differ depending on the foam used.

  2.  What is the size of the area that you wish to insulate?

    This is obvious one but the larger the area you wish to insulate the lower the costs.

  3.  What depth of foam do you require to be applied?

    The depth of the spray foam applied will determine the costs. If you want to reach a certain level of depth to reach a U value then the depth will have tro be adjusted and this will add to the costs.

  4.  Is the area to be insulated easy to reach?

    If you have restricted access or the area you wish to insulate is hard to reach extra cost may apply. If you need a cheery picker or to put up scaffolding.

  5.  The contractor's costs need to added to the overall price.

     As a rule of thumb try and get a local contractor as their transportation costs can add to to the overall price.

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Spray Foam Insulation Dublin

Spray Foam Insulation Dublin

Insulating your home has always been a good idea but now more than ever its become a necessity. Sine 2006 with the introduction of the BER every home must have a Building Energy Rating to denote the energy performance of your home. A good energy rating can increase the value of you home for either sale or rent.

The question is what is the best insulation material to use in order to get a A or B energy rating?

After years of research and testing CPI Foam discovered the most versatile insulation material on the market, Spray foam Insulation.

Spray foam when applied in your attic can reduce your heat loss by up to 50%, this is because ;

  1. Its unrivaled air tightness properties
  2. Filling every nook and cranny
  3. Thermal insulation properties
  4. The cells allow moisture to escape allowing your timber to breath 
  5. Breathable vent card system
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